Frenquently Asked Questions

In which geographical areas do you move to develop your applications of databases?

We work primarily in Paris area, but can move on the areas Champagne, Burgundy, Centre, Picardy.

Do you create also Internet sites? If so, which types?

We create Internet sites in HTML and PHP (if needed with interfaces with MySQL databases).

I have ten Excel files, connected to each other with many macros. Can you convert the whole under Access?

Of course. We know the Excel macros and are completely able to convert the whole under Access, without loss of data and while gaining enormously in effectiveness.

Do you develop in your buildings or customers buildings?

We exclusively develop in our buildings in order to profit from our documentation, our computers and our development softwares. However, we go to the customers as often as necesseray to present the advance of the projects.


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Last updates : 22/12/07