Development on Access

We develop customized Access applications to respond so precisely as possible to your needs and the need of yours business.

    • A certified developer on Microsoft Access (more information)
    • Customized application development (more information)
    • Databases (more information)
    • Input and consistency controls (more information)
    • Flexible interface (more information)
    • Assistance in real time and online help (more information)
    • Ability to store several hundred thousand information : addresses, contacts, inventory, products, sales, resumes, and prospective
    • Targeting, queries in a few seconds : thanks to some criteria, quickly find records that match
    • Referential integrity (more information)
    • Input and seizures with multi-users mode (more information)
    • Event management : agenda, planning, scheduling, alarm...
    • Data protection and security (more information)
    • Mails generation, automatic e-mails sending (more information)
    • Reporting, graphs, charts, gaps control gaps

Contact us to define all your needs. Because with Access, we certainly have the solution!

We realized also :

    • migration from older versions of MS Access to MS Access 2000, 2002, 2003 or XP
    • audits of your own Access databases (more information)

For more information, contact us here.

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Last updates : 22/12/07