Our proposal of service :

Our team of developers develops Microsoft Access applications. The usability and performance of this database software allow us to meet the needs of most of our customers.

Our customers :

SMBs, associations of all types, but also large companies with a specific need at the level of one of its services.

Our specialties :

Our experience and expertise are recognized in the management software (customers, suppliers, members files...), logistics (stock flows, sales, etc.) and human resources (staffing, recruitment ...).

What we do not :

The financial software (accounting and record management, payroll, etc.). Most applications, however, include modules for monitoring of expenditure, income and budgets.

Our method:

  • Defining project

By direct contact or through prospecting, a customer tells us about one of his projects or current needs. Our role here is to define the client's request, to define the scope of the project and to assess its feasibility.

  • The specifications

This is to answer the question: "what features do you want to appear in your application?" . This critical phase in the project will be done with our help.

  • The assessment

This is the response from our team of experts with the specifications. On each point, our team will tell you the feasibility constraints, delays, costs and the means that will be used to respond to your needs. Given the richness of Microsoft Access, the response rate for the specification can be close to 100%, a rate that you do not find with other software packages.

  • The conception

It is the development phase of the software. It requires many round trip between client and our development team to stay very close to the specific needs of the client and propose changes if necessary.

  • The implementation

The application is developed, it is now installed on the customer's computer to enable the latest adjustments.

  • Documentation and testing

The entire application is documented via an online help accessed by each user (optional). The documentation also includes technical documentation that will allow future updates or additional modules.

The application is tested with real data.

  • User Training (optional)

Users are trained to use the application.


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Last updates : 22/12/07